About Tea Drunk


Every Spring, we head to the deepest mountains in China to eat, sleep and work alongside the heritage farmers to produce the world’s most prized teas.  We walk an untrodden path to preserve a 2000-year old art that is the epic romance between man and nature.


in New York City is a destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge. A popular spot for food and wine connoisseurs as well as local scholars and artists, Tea Drunk offers a unique cultural experience blended with a universally romantic inspiration. It’s leisure time filled with intellectual exploration.


We commission all of our teas in the most conservative fashion to bring discerning connoisseurs the utmost traditional essence of historical teas.  Every tea in our selection is harvested for only 10 to 15 days a year from renowned tea mountains that were hailed by emperors and artists alike.

We have exclusive rights to some of the rarest teas and carry teas from all six categories – Green, Yellow, White, Wu Long, Red and Black – as well as the sub-categories that include Cliff Tea, Dan Cong, and Pu Er.  Every bud and leaf is handpicked and handcrafted meticulously with time perfected artisanship.  Each batch cannot be recreated just as nature cannot be duplicated.


An avid tea educator, founder Shunan Teng has been interviewed by leading publications and TV programs including New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit and China News. She has also taught classes and spoke at events held by prestigious institutions including Yale University and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Teng held a series of seminars at Stony Brook University’s Charles B. Wang Center on the subject of tea.


In Chinese culture, the term “drunk” doesn’t have a negative connotation.  Instead it is a romantic expression to describe one’s indulgence in true passion.  For example a poet would describe himself being drunk by the scenery of sunset over a mountain range, or being drunk in a lover’s beauty.  Tea Drunk is the epic romance between man and nature.


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