Open your taste buds to the possibilities of terroir-sourced teas

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Follow Shunan on amazing adventures to some of China's most remote areas.

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Most of our teas are handcrafted in the most traditional method possible.

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Three months, 20+ tea mountains. We eat and sleep with the farmers. We live tea.

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Terroir, Varietal, Culture, Craft

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Tea is the wine of the East. Terroir is fundamentally important.

Every tea season, founder Shunan Teng treks for three months through the backcountry of China to source our collection from 20+ historically famous tea mountains. Hailed by tea geeks around the world, Tea Drunk is a destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge.

Tranquil and romantic, Tea Drunk serves in the brewing style that is true to the region where the tea comes from. Even if guests walk in knowing nothing about tea, they will have an unforgettable experience watching the tea prepared at table and opening their taste buds to the possibilities of terroir sourced tea, in the company of a tea pet – a clay drinking buddy.

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