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Huang Ya 霍山黃芽

Huang Ya.jpg
Huang Ya.jpg

Huang Ya 霍山黃芽

from 9.00

Jin Ji Shan, Huo Shan

Sweet nuts, full bodied umami-ness, floral edge

Making Huang Ya is usually a 4-5 persons job with two-three persons manning the wok (and Shunan was one of the wok persons!). One person stands by the first charcoal baking tray and the last person does the second baking.  The tea is then “yellowed” for 48-72 hours, baked again, and “yellowed” again for 24 hours. Then it is finished with the signature Zhuang Huo step, an old flash roasting method over charcoal bonfire, to give the tea an enhanced aroma.  4 pounds of tea takes at least three days of continuous harvesting and making, with an additional one to two weeks of passive making to complete a batch.

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