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Shui Jin Gui 水金龜

Yan Cha (Cliff Tea)

Shui Jin Gui 水金龜

Yan Cha - Cliff Tea.jpg
Yan Cha - Cliff Tea.jpg

Shui Jin Gui 水金龜

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Liu Xiang Jian, Wu Yi Shan

Intense aroma with a touch of fruitiness

Other than the staple Shui Xian and Rou Gui, the most well known varietals of Yan Cha (Cliff Tea) of Zheng Yan (True Cliff – referring to the inner circle of Wu Yi Shan) are the Four Famous Varietals. Oddly, there are six of them.  Shui Jin Gui, translates to “water golden turtle” is one of them.  There’s a legend about how the tea tree once moved from one lot to another due to slide of soil carried by water, resulted in a very costly property rights litigation and gained the tea plenty of publicity at the end of Qing Dynasty.  Shui Jin Gui has a relatively rounder leaf and beautiful veins, hence the name “turtle”.

Shui Jin Gui happens to be one of more volatile varietals. If a tea maker does not pay extra attention to the tea, or the weather is not ideal, it can result in undesirable flavor profiles, usually described as rotten fruits.  However, when done right, Shui Jin Gui is aromatic, with subtle fruity notes (highly prized in cliff tea) and a deep body.  A well made Zheng Yan Shui Jin Gui does not happen every year and should not be taken for granted.


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