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Rou Gui Loose-Leaf Wu Long Tea 肉桂

Yan Cha Tea (Cliff)

Buy loose-leaf Yan Cha tea (Cliff).

Rou Gui Loose-Leaf Wu Long Tea 肉桂

Yan Cha - Cliff Tea.jpg
Yan Cha - Cliff Tea.jpg

Rou Gui Loose-Leaf Wu Long Tea 肉桂

from 21.00

Xi Yuan, Wu Yi Shan (2018)

Ma Tou Yan, Wu Yi Shan (2016)

Liu Xiang Jian, Wu Yi Shan (2016)

Huang Bai, Wu Yi Shan (2013)

One of the two staple varietals of Wu Yi Shan, Rou Gui is often compared in juxtapose with Shui Xian for its bold, sharp and upward profile.

Rou Gui is sharp, upward, with notes of cinnamon spice, hence the name ("rou gui" means "cinnamon"). It is significantly more floral and slightly bitter compared to Shui Xian. A good Rou Gui has hints of cream in the lingering aroma. Rou Gui is often considered the masculine or Yang half in comparison to Shui Xian.

Also known as: Rou Gui Tea, Cinnamon Bark Yan Cha Cliff Tea 肉桂

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