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Huang Guan Yin Loose-Leaf Wu Long Tea 黃觀音

Yan Cha Tea (Cliff)

Buy loose-leaf Yan Cha tea (Cliff).

Huang Guan Yin Loose-Leaf Wu Long Tea 黃觀音

Yan Cha - Cliff Tea.jpg
Yan Cha - Cliff Tea.jpg

Huang Guan Yin Loose-Leaf Wu Long Tea 黃觀音

from 22.00

Shi Zi Feng, Wu Yi Shan (2018)

This popular varietal is widely liked for it notes of green herbs and metallic finish. The smoothness of this tea is rare for the varietal and makes it one of the best ever made.

All newer clone varietals have a code name before it became commercially popular and then the code name is forgotten. However, 105, the code name for Huang Guan Yin stayed. Huang Guan Yin is a cross breed of Huang Dan and Tie Guan Yin, taking from Huang Dan, the deep eggy aroma as well as the signature floral and metallic note of Tie Guan Yin.  Like many newer clones, Huang Guan Yin can be too forward with it’s aroma while compromising on the body, making it frowned upon by season connoisseurs. But! This ought to be the best Huang Guan Yin we’ve ever tasted.  The profile is much deeper and has amazing body. It almost doesn’t taste like a Pin Zhong, the category name for non-traditional varietals.

Also known as: Yellow Goddess Wu Yi Tea

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