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Traditional Tie Guan Yin 傳統鐵觀音

Tie Guan Yin

Traditional Tie Guan Yin 傳統鐵觀音

Traditional Tie Guan Yin.jpg
Traditional Tie Guan Yin.jpg

Traditional Tie Guan Yin 傳統鐵觀音

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Fu Di, An Xi, Autumn 2015

Metallic with prominent notes of toasted rice

Tie Guan Yin is a rolled wu long from An Xi. One of the smoothest teas, Tie Guan Yin comes in two forms light and roasted. Tradiotionaly Tie Guan Yin is roasted over charcoals. The roast isnt nearly as heavy as a Yan Cha, but instead gives the tea a brown rice flavor. Our Tradition Rough is a little more roasted than our Traditional but isn't as smooth. Zheng Chao is a type of light wu long. Popular in recent years, light wu long isnt roasted and instead has a very soft green flavor. A good tie guan yin should have a strong finish that lingers in your mouth for a long time. 

Our Tie Guan Yin is directly sourced from farmers in An Xi. 


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