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Tea Drunk is a purveyor of fine and rare hand-picked teas. Join our Tea Subscription today to start building a solid foundation to understanding tea.  

Tea Drunk Event Planner

A professional teahouse in the East Village is looking for an event planner to facilitate cultural and tasting events.  This is an unpaid, volunteer position. You’ll have the same perks a Tea Drunk apprentice enjoys.

This is a great opportunity for those who wants to be involved with Tea Drunk but can’t work in the tea house as an apprentice.


Tea Drunk in New York City is a destination for those who seek exceptional tea and tea knowledge. Every tea in our selection is harvested for only 10 to 15 days a year from historically renowned tea mountains.  Every bud and leaf is handpicked and handcrafted meticulously by heritage farmers in the most traditional way.  We are a producer of some of the world’s most prized teas.


There are typically three types of events Tea Drunk hosts:

1.       Educational tea tasting events like our tea classes, guided tastings, tasting challenges

2.       Cultural related events like story reading, poetry reading, music performance

3.       Food and drink pairings like tea and cheese, tea and Chinese food

Events are our way to connect and engage the like-minded local community and to raise awareness for historic teas and Chinese culture. We always value quality over quantity.

This is very much like a project management role where the event planner would oversee every aspect of an event from idea to post-event follow-up. The event planner needs to be able to approach tasks structurally, stick to deadlines and communicate proactively with all parties involved. MUST be able to work independently.

A typical work process is as follows:

  • Brain storm ideas with the Tea Drunk team
  • Construct to-do list with deadlines for each item
  • Content
  • Visual/pictures
  • Menu curation (if applicable)
  • Marketing material and schedule
  • Prepare a budget to present to the owner/manager
  • Communicate and build rapport with Tea Drunk staff and guests
  • Create event on Tea Drunk website and other channels, like Facebook
  • Promote the event through newsletter and social media
  • Post event survey and follow up

The right candidate is expected to have ownership of all deliverables, from menu printing to ticket sales.

Our first stage goal is to have an event every other week, leading up to once a week, at which point the candidate will earn commission


Tea Drunk provides these resources to ensure the quality and success of events

  •  Content contributor if related to technical aspects of tea
  •  Digital platforms including website, newsletters, social media
  •  Photographer
  •  Content editor – but you need to come up with drafts and coordinate content contributors
  •  Budget – needs approval
  •  Space


  •  Complimentary sippers club membership
  •  20% off all loose leaf teas
  •  Resources for learning Chinese tea
  •  Complimentary seating to all tea classes
  •  Complimentary tea when coming to Tea Drunk to work on events

The same quality we are looking for in an apprentice in learning tea also applies:

You are expected to proactively learn the fundamentals of Chinese tea centering around terroir, varietal and crafting styles.  You are expected to attend classes and workshops as well as read all of our written materials about tea.  An apprentice will over time cultivate a highly discerning palate that translates into hyperintuitive expertise that is backed by structured knowledge. 


Please send your resume and cover letter to hello@tea-drunk.com if you are interested.  Please do not call the teahouse directly.