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Keemun 祁门红茶


Keemun 祁门红茶

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Keemun 祁门红茶

from 9.00

Hong Song Luo:

Gu Niu Jiang, Qi Men (2016)

Hong Mao Feng:

Li Xi, Qi Men (2015)

Gu Xi, Qi Men (2015)

Tong Keng, Qi Men (2015)

Bold, umami and honey, Qi Hong is known for its forward and lavish aroma. Each Qi Hong listed is from a renowned micro-lot.

Song Luo is name of a legendary tea from Ming Dynasty.  One of the fascinating things about Chinese culture is the continuity of sentiments through things that transcends time, such as the language itself. Though Song Luo is a tea that has ceased to exist for centuries, the name and the location of where this tea once was produced, still carries sentimental value from its glorious days. Nowadays Song Luo is used to call teas that are made into pearl shape, green or red. Note that even though like Mao Feng, this is a style named after a famous tea, the original tea no longer exist and frankly we are not even sure if it was ever pearl shape. 

Hong Song Luo means a red tea made into the Song Luo form and mostly used by new style red teas in Qi Men (Keemun). Usually when a tea region is situated in a highly scenic mountain with amazing geological formations, like Yellow Mountain or Wu Yi Shan, the more a location is“in” the scenic center, the more desired its tea is. After all, “the most prime (tea) of them all are born out of rotten stone”. – Lu Yu.  In the case of Qi Men Hong Cha, this mountain is the protected area of Gu Niu Jiang. The most expensive village for Qi Hong, Li Xi, is right at the edge of Gu Niu Jiang.

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