Wu Long Sampler

Wu Long Sampler

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Wu long is a giant category. A wu long can be light and sweet or roasted and dark, but all are of big characteristics, prominent aroma and floral notes. Taste one from each of the three subcategories to explore wu long’s dynamic range.

SELECTION EXAMPLE                                

Wu Yi Wu Long     
Da Hong Pao
Huang Bai, Wu Yi Shan, Spring 2013
Big roasted aroma with a little roughness in the texture
Phoenix Wu Long    
Bai Ye白葉
Wu Dong, Feng Huang Shan, Spring 2015
Peachy and floral, refreshingly smooth with a hint of bitterness

Tie Guan Yin  Zheng Chao 鐵觀音正炒
Fu Di, An Xi, Spring 2014
Light, sweet, refreshingly floral with a lingering aroma

Traditional Tie Guan Yin 傳統鐵觀音 
Fu Ding, An Xi, Autumn 2015 
Faint notes of toasted rice