Classic Tea Sampler

Classic Tea Sampler

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Take a classic tasting home and enjoy all six major categories of tea in this sampler.  

Selection Example

Gua Pian 六安瓜片
Qi Shan, Lu An, Early Spring 2014
Rough, grassy with a hint of bitterness
Huang Ya 霍山黃芽
Jin Ji Shan, Huo Shan, Early Spring 2014
Savory and sweet with a nutty finish
Bai Mu Dan 白牡丹
Dian Tou, Fu Ding, Early Spring 2013 
Rough, light but warm with subtle notes of wheat

Wu Long
Da Hong Pao 
Huang Bai, Wu Yi Shan, Spring 2013
Big roasted aroma with a little roughness in the texture
Red Mao Feng (Keemun) 紅毛峰
Tong Keng, Qi Men, Spring 2015
Floral sweetness with light bitterness
Shou Pu (Bing) 熟普 (餅)
Yun Nan, 2010
Very dark and earthy with a tinny, metallic mouthfeel