About Tea Drunk

Hailed by tea connoisseurs around the world, Tea Drunk draws upon a deep knowledge of taste, terroir, and Chinese culture to provide a curated collection of some of the highest quality—often rarest—teas China has to offer.

Born in a northern province of China, Shunan Teng—the founder of Tea Drunk—grew up drinking the most prized Chinese teas. When she moved to New York City, she was surprised to discover that while she could easily find world-class wine, beer, and even coffee, historic Chinese teas were nowhere to be found. Therefore, in 2012, armed with a background in finance and a passion for all things tea, Teng embarked on the tea-inspired adventure that has become Tea Drunk.

What We Offer
Artisanal, handcrafted teas, straight from the source. For three months every year, we travel nonstop to more than 20 historically famous tea mountains in southern China. There, we eat, sleep, and work alongside farmers as they produce some of the world’s finest teas. On these journeys, as we participate in the harvest and forge relationships with farmers—the true tea masters—we deepen our knowledge of each tea’s history, origins, and unique terroir. By continuously developing our knowledge base and returning to the source of these teas, we are able to select the teas we serve with utmost care. We serve only “pure” teas, all of our teas are flavored only by land and climate in which they grew them and the age old, time tested, making practices—the majority of our teas handcrafted, using methods and techniques unique to their region of origin.

For terroir-specific, directly sourced teas, Tea Drunk has an unrivaled advantage:
We guarantee the best prices for teas of this caliber.

Unparalleled training for tea professionals.
At Tea Drunk, we are committed to sharing our knowledge of and appreciation for fine, historic Chinese tea. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to us that you and your staff are equipped with the same knowledge of our tea and its origins.

To help achieve this goal, we offer six complimentary hours of training to any new wholesale partner.


Our approach to truly knowing and appreciating traditional Chinese tea revolves around the concepts of terroir, varietal, craft, and culture. We will educate your staff on the intersections of biochemistry and taste, agriculture and tradition. Together, we will grow your knowledge and celebrate a mutual passion for the artisanship that makes great tea great.

Tea Basics Red, Green, Black, White: How Chinese Tea is Classified 
Contrary to popular belief, tea (green, red, black, etc.) is classified based on how it is processed. Its fermentation level—often used by tea shops and distributors to (incorrectly) classify the tea—is the result of the processing. Just because that yellow tea is of a higher fermentation level, however, it isn’t suddenly classified as a Wu Long; it is still a yellow tea. 

6 Categories of Tea (ordered from lowest to highest fermentation level)
1. Green
2. Yellow
3. White
4. Wu Long
5. Red
6. Black

Tea House Location (East Village)
123 East 7th Street New York, NY 10009
P. 917.573.9936
Hours: noon – 11pm, daily

If you have any questions or to request a price quote, please contact: Shunan Teng at steng@tea-drunk.com We look forward to sipping tea with you!