Tea Club

An Educational Tea Club

Welcome to the world of real tea! With names of hundreds of varietals and dozens of historical terroir, all in foreign language, real Chinese tea can be a little intimidating to dive into.  But fear not. Tea Drunk’s educational Tea Clubs will not only end the decision crisis, but will also break down 2000 years of tea knowledge bit by bit for you. Each month, we focus on a few carefully curated teas; we will explore the core concepts of terroir, varietal, culture and crafting. The accompanying materials will help build a solid foundation for you to navigate the tea world while the teas will help you cultivate the knowledge and intuition of a true tea connoisseur.

 An Xi Tie Guan Yin

Tie Guan Yin

Sheng Pu

Red Tea


Three Year Anniversary Tea


Shaking Feng Huang Dan Cong

Feng Huang Wu Long - Dan Cong


Sun Drying White Tea in Fu Ding

White Tea


San Men Ling

Green Tea


Mao Feng


Yellow Tea


Pu Er


Yan Cha - Cliff Tea


Gua Pian

Tea Drunk Club $50 

Tea Drunk Premium Club $80