In Store Tastings.

6 - 8 Person Tasting     Tea Classes 

 2 - 4 Person Tasting

Each tasting consists of three teas and can be shared by two to four people,

or one very ambitious individual.

Green Tea Tasting $39

Filled with rich history and tradition, so many famous teas are in this category.   Meticulously picked and processed, no two green teas are the same. Indulge in three hand-crafted historical teas with notes from nutty to grassy to floral.

Seasonal Tasting $49

As the season changes, we curate different selections of tea for you to sample and taste. This cross-category tasting is a perfect way to explore extinctive taste profiles in the comfort of synergy with nature.

   Wu Long Tasting $59

Wu long is a giant category. A wu long can be light and sweet or roasted and dark, but all are of big characteristics, prominent aroma and floral notes. Taste one from each of the three subcategories to explore wu long’s dynamic range.

Pu Er Tasting $49

Long story short, pu er is a tea that can be aged. However, only the best young ones are worth aging. In this flight, taste a bright young sheng pu, an fruity aged one, and a dark and earthy shou pu - all from old tea trees over 200 years old.

Single-Sipper Tasting $27

Green Tea is traditionally drunk directly out of the glass it is brewed in. We use our teeth as a filter and if a leaf slips into our mouth, we just chew on it. Indulge in a tasting of green teas, the farmer’s way.  

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