Tuesday Tea Off

It’s time to get serious…you are a serious tea drunkard, aren’t you? Who gets to say which tea is better than which? Why not you and me?  Bring your own stash and the game is on! Prior to each week's tea off, the tea we are judging is announced on our social media and website. Tea Drunk will also join the competition with a tea from the assigned category. There’s no faster track to tea drunkenness and mastery than this! 

July 12th : Tuesday Tea-Off

Ya Shi Xiang (Phoenix Wulong)

This week's Tuesday Tea Off category is Ya Shi Xiang, a pheonix wulong translated to "Duck Shit". A buttery, grassy, weighty, and aromatic tea, our Ya Shi Xiang comes from the most desired region on Phoenix Mountain, Wudong. 
Bring a Ya Shi Xiang, or any phoenix wulong and we will brew it alongside Tea Drunk's to learn about the processing, the terroir, the history, and the story of "Duck Shit" in depth. 
Please RSVP below so we can get prepared with teaware.