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Bai Hao Yin Zhen 2014

The full but soft body of this white tea excipts notes of nuts, spices and a sweet lemon freshness. This tea reminds you of sunshine on a mountain side. 


Bai Hao Yin Zhen 2015

From Pan Xi, Fu Ding, this white tea has a honey comb taste that is followed by a soft cinnamon like note giving you the feeling of summertime in the countryside. 


Bai Mu Dan Mid Spring 2014

A mix of buds and leaves, this tea is nutty with full croissant sweetness that is reminiscent of lunch time at a french cafe. 

Bai Mu Dan Early Spring 2014

One of the most popular teas in Tea Drunk, this tea is soft and and sweet with a refreshing floralness that is like a breeze over a field of flowers. 

Gong Mei 2013

A mix of leaves and buds picked later in the season than Bai Mu Dan, Gong Mei is stronger with more texture than the previous teas but still holds onto the softness of white tea that embodies the taste of Autumn

Bai Mu Dan Old Variety 2013

A secret item in the Tea Drunk collection, this tea is a personal favorite of the staff due to its complexity and amazing aging potential. With flavors ranging from honey mead to rye bread, this tea always gives a new drinking experience.