Tea Drunk at The Met is Hiring Tea Server

Tea Drunk at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is hiring tea servers to provide guests an authentic Chinese tea experience within a scholarly and busy environment. 


There are both full-time AND part-time positions available from March to June, with the potential to convert to permanent position at the end of the three months as well possible promotion to a supervisory position for the top performer. 


Candidates must have immediate availability from 9am - 5pm. Must apply with cover letter and resume, please specify your availability.  $13.70/hour with benefits.




As a tea server, you are expected to take orders, introduce teas and food, expertly brew tea in a gai wan or glass, and handle cash and credit card transactions.  You will also have responsibilities of everyday upkeep of the tea station, including cleaning tables, maintaining teaware and certain opening and closing procedures.  


You are expected to go through rigorous training about hospitality, Chinese tea and brewing techniques.  The right candidate will learn proactively the fundamentals of Chinese tea pivot around terroir, varietal and crafting styles.  You are expected to attend training sessions as well as reading written materials about tea. 


The right candidate should take pride in the work itself and find it rewarding the process of becoming an expert.



  • Two years or more of work experience in tea, wine, and or fine dining
  • Correctly answer a Tea Quiz and pronounce Chinese tea and location names
  • Consistently mindful of simple and repetitive tasks and do them to perfection
  • Ability to quickly prioritize and organize multiple tasks under pressure
  • Independent learner who takes initiative to improve professionally
  • Proactive in building rapport with colleagues and management
  • Enthusiastic about sharing tea with our guests and engaging them in learning about tea


  • Promptly and friendly greet guests and take orders of tea, food and other menu items
  • Expertly introduce and brew tea for guests
  • Provide a professional tea experience for guests
  • Accurately and efficiently handle cash and credit card transactions
  • Clean and upkeep the tea station, equipment, teaware and dishes
  • Perform tea station opening and closing routines
  • Maintain inventory and caretaking the teas
  • Uphold Tea Drunk’s high standards and maintain our brand image

When come in for interview, please be prepared to brew tea with a gai wan or answer questions about tea or wine, if these are prior skills you are bringing in.  Please send relevant BOTH cover letter and resume.  Do not call the teahouse directly.


Please be prepared to answer the following questions when coming in for an interview. All answers could be easily found on our menu, website, or with simple web search. Each question is designed to introduce a basic concept in Chinese tea and test the candidate's ability to proactively learn, research, digest and structurally process knowledge.








Every spring, we head to the deepest mountains in China to eat, sleep and work alongside the heritage farmers to produce the world’s most prized teas.  We walk an untrodden path to preserve a 2000-year old art.  We live tea.




Our tea house in New York City is a destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge. A popular spot for food and wine connoisseurs as well as local scholars and artists, Tea Drunk offers a unique cultural experience blended with a universally romantic inspiration. It’s leisure time filled with intellectual exploration.




We commission all of our teas in the most conservative fashion to bring discerning connoisseurs the utmost traditional essence of historical teas.  Every tea in our selection is harvested for only 10 to 15 days a year from renowned tea mountains that were hailed by emperors and artists alike.


We have exclusive rights to some of the rarest teas and carry teas from all six categories – Green, Yellow, White, Wu Long, Red and Black – as well as the sub-categories that include Cliff Tea, Dan Cong, and Pu Er.  Every bud and leaf is handpicked and handcrafted meticulously with time perfected artisanship.  Each batch cannot be recreated just as nature cannot be duplicated.




An avid tea educator, founder Shunan Teng has been interviewed by leading publications and TV programs including New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit and China News. She has also taught classes and spoke at events held by prestigious institutions including Yale University. Teng held a series of seminars at Stony Brook University’s Charles B. Wang Center on the subject of tea.




In Chinese culture, the term “drunk” doesn’t have a negative connotation.  Instead, it is a romantic expression to describe one’s indulgence in true passion.  For example a poet would describe himself being drunk by the scenery of sunset over a mountain range, or being drunk in a lover’s beauty.  Tea Drunk is the epic romance between man and nature.