Tea 102 ­- Brewing Class

Welcome to the world of real tea brewing! In this hands-on class, students will learn how to brew tea using a gaiwan and fairness cup in the traditional Chinese way. We will talk about the basics of leaf to water ratio, temperature, and brewing time and then go more in depth with meticulous details like water speed, pouring height and angle, station maintenance, and brewing philosophy. This class is perfect for tea lovers that know their basics and are looking to step up their game.

Class Agenda:

  • The Gaiwan: Introducing the Covered Bowl
  • Gong Fu Tea
  • Why Do We Brew Green Tea Differently?
  • Height Matters. So Does Angle.
  • Using a Gaiwan to Brew a Challenging Wu Long
  • Using an Open Vessel to Brew Two Green Teas
  • The Temperament for Preparing Tea

    Duration: 2 Hours 

    Geeky level: Medium

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