Shi Feng Long Jing 2016

Shunan travels to Hangzhou for the famous Shi Feng Long Jing. Long Jing is one of China's most prestiges teas. Long Jing comes from Long Jing village in Hangzhou which is broken up into 5 different lots, Lion, Dragon, Cloud, Tiger and Plumb; Lion being the most sought after. Shunan visited Shi Feng, Lion Peak, to source our Long Jing. In this video she shows us the making technique of Long Jing as well as the technique they use the store it with the use of limestone.

Shunan also visits Tiger Run Spring, a famous spring for making Long Jing tea. Even though it is from Tiger, forth in the ranking of tea growing lots, it is the most preferred water. She was told by the locals that she could not drink it right away, but she just had to try.

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