May Tea Club: White Tea

At Tea Drunk we often find white teas to be one of the most misunderstood teas, and for this we partially blame Snapple. Most people heard of white tea when Snapple first presented it as a light tea made from the youngest pick. This is a very misconstrued way to view white tea. For our May Tea Club we want to show you what white tea really is. Made from leaves that are dried in the sun, the flavor of white tea is subtle, but very hardy and complex, boasting notes of nuts, spices and sun soaked cotton.
May's subscription includes.

1.Three different white teas, covering a wide range of flavors.

2.A full lesson on the making and history of white tea. (Coming soon)

3. Brewing instructions: Including directions for both Chinese style and Western style.

Paired with travel footage from Shunan's trip to Fu Ding, the home of white tea, May's subscription will allow you to fully understand and appreciate this subtle yet complex tea.