June Educational Tea Club: Green Tea

June's Tea Club explores the subcategories of green tea in depth. For this month's subscription, we include four different green teas, 15 grams each for a total of 60 grams. 

To guide you through a discovery of green tea, our June Tea Club includes

1. Four green teas

    Tea Drunk Club:

      Hou Kui First Pluck 2015

      Long Jing First Pluck 2015

      Gua Pian Early Spring 2016

      Yun Wu Mid Spring 2016

    Tea Drunk Premium Club:

      Gua Pian Early Spring 2016

      Long Jing Early Spring 2016

      Yun Wu Mid Spring 2016

      Bi Luo Chun Early Spring 2016

2. An extensive write up on green teas, with information on the four sub-categories of green tea by processing style, picking grades, and varietals.

3. Brewing instructions, including a temperature guideline table.

4. Green tea tasting notes.