January Tea Cub: Gua Pian

For the month of January, we present you Gua Pian — the only Chinese green tea made entirely from whole leaves, with neither buds nor stems. Gua Pian comes from a region with a more than thousand-year continuous history of tea-making: Lu An.

 This month’s package includes:

1. Teas: Three different picking grades and vintages of Lu An Gua Pian, totaling 50 grams, all from the best possible location, Qi Shan.

2. Tasting notes: All teas will be labeled only with numbers. We encourage you to explore each tea yourself, and we'll include our own tasting notes to assist your exploration. Don’t worry, we will post the answers on our website so you can compare notes!

3. Brewing instructions: Including directions for both Chinese style and Western style.

4. History of Lu An Tea

5. Geography of Gua Pian described with a map

6. Description of the unique picking and processing of Gua Pian

In addition, we also encourage everyone to check out our in-depth videos explaining the region and processing of Gua Pian, shot on location at Qi Shan.

Another great resource is the recent Talking Tea episode by Ken Cohen on "How to Spot a Quality Tea" with Gua Pian as an example. We also special released trip footage from Shunan's 2015 trip to Lu An.