Guided Green Tea Tasting

Green Tea

The Tasting

A tasting for the season! Did you know that some green teas are so historically renown that they are the most "counterfeited" teas in the market? As with anything we savor with our taste buds, where the tea is grown, age of the tea trees, varietal, and crafting method make a whole world of difference in taste, appearance, and experience.

Tea Drunk in the East Village is offering a guided tasting of six terroir-sourced green teas, which are harvested during only 10-15 days a year. If you are a foodie or tea lover, don't miss this rare opportunity to expand your palate in an intimate Chinese tea house.

The Teas

Taste our Xi Hu Long Jing and let your taste buds decide if Dragon Well deserves the title of “King Tea of China”. Brew our sharply floral but tender-leaved Bi Luo Chun from the most highly regarded East Mountain in Dong Ting, Su Zhou and our vegetal and sugary Gua Pian made from the indigenous Ben Cha (stupid tea) varieties of Lu An. Try our stunning Tai Ping Hou Kui, the labor-intensive, individually hand-pressed leaves that produce a sweet, vegetal, yet floral flavor, our Huang Shan Mao Feng, whose refreshing savoriness often evokes popcorn and bacon, or our strikingly salty, sweet Yun Wu grown from the coldest and cloudiest tea region of Lu Shan.