February Teas – Wu Yi Yan Cha

Have you ever wondered what Da Hong Pao, aka "Great Red Robe," really is? What is True Cliff and what is Half Cliff? Why some Cliff Teas are 10 times as pricy as silver, while others cost less than coffee?

For February's tea club, we focus on this immensely popular Wu Long, known for its unparalleled bold, roasted aroma and substantial molten-stone mouth feel, often referred to as the "rock bone." One of the most expensive teas in the world, Yan Cha — translated sometimes as "Cliff Tea," sometimes as "Rock Tea" — is surrounded by numerous myths and intimidates tea drinkers with its myriad location and varietal names. But fear not! In this month’s package, we will break down Yan Cha knowledge bit by bit for you. By the time you have finished reading through the material and sampling all the teas, you will be well ahead most tea snobs and have built a solid foundation with which to navigate Yan Cha further, cultivating the knowledge and intuition of a true tea connoisseur.

This month’s package includes:

  1. Teas: Six carefully curated Yan Cha to facilitate understanding of the core concepts of terroir, varietal and crafting.

  2. Tasting notes: All teas will be labeled only with numbers. We encourage you to explore each tea yourself, and we'll include our own tasting notes to assist your exploration. Don’t worry, we will post the answers about which-tea-is-which on our website so you can compare notes!

  3. Brewing instructions: Includes directions for both Chinese style and Western style brewing.

  4. History of Wu Yi Yan Cha

  5. Visual breakdown of the terroir on a map (as well as a rare geology map!)

  6. Varietals of Yan Cha categorized

  7. Step-by-step description of the unique crafting of Yan Cha.

In addition, we encourage everyone to check out our in-depth videos explaining the region and processing of Yan Cha, shot on location at Wu Yi Shan. ALSO, don't miss Shunan's unique interview of the head monk of Tian Xin Yong Le Si, the temple historically in charge of the original Da Hong Pao trees. The video will be available in a few days. We are working on the english subtitles.