Are you curious about historical tea, Chinese culture, and everything palate related? Then browse through our upcoming Tea Classes, Tastings, and other events to explore the vast world of Chinese tea.


August 14th : Ten Tea Tasting Challenge

Do you think you can tell what kinda of tea you are drinking by the taste alone? Are you sure? If you think you got the stuff come take Tea Drunk's tasting Challenge. You will be given 10 teas, the six main categories with four sub categories, and asked to distinguish them by taste alone. It's not as easy as it sounds.


August 15th : Tea 102 - Brewing Class 

Welcome to the world of real tea brewing! In this hands-on class, students will learn how to brew tea using a gai wan and fairness cup in the traditional Chinese way, brewing one challenging Wu Long and two different green teas. Not only will we talk about the basics of leaf to water ratio, temperature, and brewing time; meticulous details like water speed, pouring height and angle, station maintenance, and brewing philosophy will also be discussed.