Five-Course Classic Sweets and Tea Tasting

Did you know that Chinese New Year is a 16-day long celebration? Bring in good luck and much prosperity to the year of Monkey with Chinese Sweet and Tea Tasting by Tea Drunk and Chef Donovan. Sample five delectable sweets made using local and in season ingredients paired with historical Chinese teas for this occasion. This is part of our Culture + Food initiative, a unique experience you will not find anywhere else!

Have you ever had dessert made from rice and beans? How about pork fat and peppercorns? Is the adventurous foodie in you curious yet? A little bit of human ingenuity plus a crafty hand can turn these seemingly savory ingredients into amazing sweet treats. This especially curated five course dessert tasting features five classic Chinese sweets that incorporate a variety of techniques, flavors and textures. Selected through rigorous taste testing, we have matched them with five terroir sourced mountain teas each brewed in styles authentic to the origins of the tea.

Come enjoy a unique cultural experience as Tea Drunk Owner Shunan Teng walk you through these classic Chinese delicacies paired with a unforgettable gong fu tea experience. Walk away with a newfound perspective about the food and drink of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.


Five Classic Chinese Sweets and Tea Tasting 

Limited Seating February 18th to February 21st

Donkey Roll

Mochi roll cake filled with sweet red bean paste, dusted with toasted soybean powder.

A Chinese classic famous for its name and delicate but substantial taste.

 Long Jing (Dragon Well) 西湖龍井

Shi Feng, Xi Hu, Early Spring 2015

Intense aroma and dense mouthfeel, notes of toasted chestnuts


Salt and Pepper Crispy Pie

Crisp pork fat pie dough with a salty sweet Sichuan peppercorn filling.

The ultimate marriage of sweet and savory. This is addictive.

Red Mao Feng (Keemun) 紅毛峰

Gu Xi, Qi Men, Early Spring 2015

Dark honey cured tree bark


Rock Candy Gourds

Named for the shape resembling gourds, this confection is tart fruit with a crystal clear candy shell on a stick. The refreshing sweet and sour taste makes it a favorite street dessert. 

Traditional Tie Guan Yin Rough Tea 傳統鐵觀音毛茶

Fu Di, An Xi, Autumn 2015

Bright, flowery, grassy sweet


Osmanthus Cake

This cake is actually a jelly. Golden fragrant osmathus flower jelly offset by intoxicating rice wine lees (rice from rice wine production) make for a sophisticated floral and refreshing dessert.

Ge Deng 革登

Ge Deng, Spring 2015

Perfect balance of sweet and bitter with permeating throat-feel 


Sesame Rice Cake

Toasted black sesame seeds give the filling of this dessert a powerful savory aroma. Encased in a chewy mochi skin crusted with more sesame seeds, the flavor recalls memories of many childhoods.

Gua Pian 六安瓜片

Qi Shan, Lu An, Mid Spring 2015

Full, grassy with strong mouthfeel