April's Educational Tea Club Tasting Notes: Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea Tasting Notes

 Tea Drunk Cub Tea Drunk Premium
Jun Shan Shells Jun Shan Old Variety 
Huang Ya Early Spring 2015 Huang Ya First Pluck 2015
Huang Ya Wild 2014 Huang Ya Early Spring 2015


Tea Club:

Jun Shan Shells:
Made from the Shells of the Jun Shan Yin Zhen bud, this tea has a corn water sweetness and a smokey cedar aroma.

Huang Ya Early Spring 2015:
Nutty with a medium body, this tea has a full flavor while still staying soft and savory.

Huang Ya wild 2014:
With notes of raw nuts this tea has an intense savory sweetness.  

Premium Tea Club:

Jun Shan Yin Zhen:
The rarest tea in China, this tea is refreshing and subtly complex with a corn sweetness and a lot of umami.

Huang Ya First Pluck 2015:
Made completely by hand this is super savory with a long finish, this tea has hints of nuts.

Huang Ya Early Spring 2015:
Also made by hand this tea has a savory nutty flavor that is complimented with the sweet savoriness of yellow tea.