April Educational Tea Club: Yellow Tea

April's Tea Club focuses on yellow tea. Most people who come into Tea Drunk have never heard of yellow tea. For this month's subscription we broke down this lesser known tea for everyone to understand.

To help you understand this tea our April Tea Club includes

1. Three different yellows teas including Huang Ya and Jun Shan. 

2. A thorough write up on Yellow teas detailing the history and making practices of the three major yellow teas.

3. Maps to show you were Jun Shan and Huo Shan are located.

4. Brewing instructions: Including directions for both Chinese style and Western style.

We also encourage you to watch Shunan's travel footage of Huo Shan and Jun Shan to get the full educational experience. This month's subscription will fully educate you on yellow teas. By the time you go through all the material you will understand the tea that confuses even some our most knowledgable customers.

Tea Drunk Club $50          Tea Drunk Premium Club $80