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Tea Drunk is a destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge.

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Every Spring, we head to the deepest mountains in China to eat, sleep and work alongside the heritage farmers to produce the world’s most prized teas.  We walk an untrodden path to preserve a 2000-year old art that is the epic romance between man and nature.


Gua Pian

Qi Shan, Lu An

Early Spring, 2016

Crafted with ancient techniques where the leaves are laboriously pan fried with a small broom, and two men walk a bamboo tray of tea repeatedly over a charcoal bonfire for a flash roast for an hour at a time. The result is a nice toasty touch that solidifies the grassy and milky profile of a historic green tea that uses only leaves, no buds and no stems.

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Dian Hong

Nan Nuo Shan, Meng Hai

Early Spring, 2016

Chinese red tea is what is in the West known as black tea. Made by the minority ethnic Ha Ni people, this tea is harvested from tea trees at least 30 years old.The fresh leaves were rolled in small batches and fermented using the warmth of sunlight. Malty, slightly citrusy with a sweet undertone, Dian Hong is a soul warming deep tea.


Shui Xian

Jiu Long Ke, Wu Yi Shan

Spring, 2015

Bold, dark, roasted and mineral, Yan Cha, or Cliff Tea brings tea lovers a whole different level of satisfaction. Being a World Heritage Site, this Shui Xian comes from the innermost lot of True Cliff region of Wu Yi Shan, Jiu Long Ke (Nine Dragon Pit) and is harvested from trees around 60 years of age, giving it a highly sought after “mossy” note by tea connoisseurs.

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