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Wu Yi Yan Cha (Cliff Tea) - Da Hong Pao Gift Set


A Truly Warming Gift.

Perfect for any occasion, and for every tea lover.

Our gift sets, gift cards and tea-ware sets will open up a world of tea knowledge and appreciation.

Wu Yi Yan Cha (Cliff Tea) - Da Hong Pao Gift Set


Wu Yi Yan Cha (Cliff Tea) - Da Hong Pao Gift Set

from 25.00

When Wu Long brews, everyone in the room notices.

No other categories of tea offer such lavish aroma and presence in taste.

Yan Cha, often translated as cliff tea or rock tea, is especially unmistakable for its bold, dark, roasted flavor with a long chiming finish that’s floral and mineral.

The unique satisfying mouthfeel Yan Cha offers can only be described as liquefied stone.

Da Hong Pao is the designated name for Yan Cha blends. Both of these are blended by the Ying family, a four time 1st-place winner of the category, the most anyone has ever held for any categories in Yan Cha competition.

Experience either our 16 gram Wu Yi Yan Cha, or our 16g premium Da Hong Pao gift set.

Be sure to check out Tea Brewing Guide, or snag one of our Tea Brewing Kits to complete your gift set!

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