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Tea Drunk is a purveyor of fine and rare hand-picked teas. Join our Tea Subscription today to start building a solid foundation to understanding tea.  

Tea Season 2019 Pre-Sales


A Truly Warming Gift.

Perfect for any occasion, and for every tea lover.

Our gift sets, gift cards and tea-ware sets will open up a world of tea knowledge and appreciation.

Tea Season 2019 Pre-Sales


Tea Season 2019 Pre-Sales

from 150.00

This is the biggest sales we’ve ever had and the most exciting tea package that let’s every tea connoisseur’s heart beat faster.

The tea harvesting and processing season in China has officially started and we are busy picking and crafting the best teas for you, coming only from

  • top tier terroir,

  • indigenous or heirloom varietals and

  • crafted with the utmost care using techniques that result from centuries of refinement.

Each tea style has only a very short time window for picking the best tea leaves – only 10-15 days a year.

We, at Tea Drunk make sure that you will come to enjoy these precious and rare teas.

Pre-order the freshest tea you can ever get, literally just harvested and processed from the most famous tea mountains conveniently delivered to your door.

This one-of-its-kind package includes 15 teas styles in total:

  • 3x green teas

  • 1x yellow tea

  • 2x white teas

  • 4x wu Longs

  • 3x sheng pu

  • 1x red

  • 1x black

Each tea style comes in sample (5-8 g) or 1 oz (28g) size and you can choose to be an Early Bird (sales from now to April 10th) or a Night Owl (sales from April 11th – May 15th ).

This is our biggest sale! Save up to 60% for some of our top shelf tea styles!
Sales period is limited! Shipping will be in June when all tea styles are finished with crafting.

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