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Pu Er Gift Set


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Pu Er Gift Set


Pu Er Gift Set

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If you started to get into Chinese tea, you probably have heard of Pu Er. Though many people are attracted by the tea’s aging potential, it’s indeed the age of the tea trees that makes Pu Er one of a kind.

While in most tea regions, decade-old tea trees are highly sought after and century-old tea trees are celebrated, there’s still a large number of tea trees estimated to be 200-600 years old in southern Yun Nan where Pu Er teas are from.

So what is Pu Er? The shortest answer is Pu Er is a green tea that can be aged to red tea.

So it’s a tea that goes through the roughly same enzymatic metabolism that all tea leaves go through during the making process, but at snail speed.

So it offers us an unique opportunity to experience the changes of a tea leaf’s journey at a more comfortable pace and with our palate, instead of with only our senses of smell, sight, hearing and touches like a tea maker does.

When a pu er is young, it’s nutty, savory, vegetal and crisp. With time, the tea will first yield more floral notes, then transform from bright fruitiness to dry fruits, with the tannin of the tea rounding out over time as well. It’s important to note that tea does not age linear. In terms of the quality of the overall profile, pu er will hit several highs and lows along the way. And that’s the fun of it!

However, with the increasing popularity of Pu Er as well as Yun Nan continually being home to mass-produced teas in China, it’s estimated that actual Pu Er that comes from the hailed old tea trees is only 2-10 % of the overall production.

Most people have never tasted a real Gu Shu Pu Er (old tree Pu Er). Now it’s the time to treat yourself and get ahead - taste some terroir sourced Gu Shu Pu Er.

Experience either our 10 gram Regular Sheng Pu (Raw Pu Er) gift set, or our 14g Premium Sheng Pu gift set.

Be sure to check out Tea Brewing Guide, or snag one of our Tea Brewing Kits to complete your gift set!

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