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Zhi Lan Xiang 芝蘭香

Dan Cong (Phoenix Wu Long)

Zhi Lan Xiang 芝蘭香

Feng Huang Wu Long - Dan Cong.jpg
Feng Huang Wu Long - Dan Cong.jpg

Zhi Lan Xiang 芝蘭香

from 14.00

Feng Xi, Feng Huang Shan

Elegant and tender with sweetness of wildflowers

Wu Long is named after varietals. Zhi Lan Xiang is both the name of the varietal mainly used for Feng Huang Wu Long (Phoenix Wu Long/Dan Cong) as well as the “fragrance” category of Feng Huang Wu Long that resembles the characteristic of an actual Zhi Lan varietal. (For detail explanation of this confusing concept, please refer to the Feng Huang Dan Cong write up).

Sweet and floral, Zhi Lan Xiang is significantly more elegant in comparison to the other Wu Long varietals. Ba Xian is another common varietal used to achieve the fragrance of Zhi Lan. Varietal or characteristics, Zhi Lan Xiang is a highly sought after tea with lower yield than other Wu Long.

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