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Ju Duo Zai 鋸朵仔

Dan Cong (Phoenix Wu Long)

Ju Duo Zai 鋸朵仔

Feng Huang Wu Long - Dan Cong.jpg
Feng Huang Wu Long - Dan Cong.jpg

Ju Duo Zai 鋸朵仔

from 15.00

Qiao Xing, Feng Huang Shan

Apricot kernel, intense aroma and weighty body

Technically the translation is Apricot Kernel Fragrance, which in the west gets commonly translated as Almond. Ju Duo Zai is a cute oddball among Feng Huang Wu Long and is easily distinguishable both by the appearance and the taste. Its leaves are tiny with very fuzzy edges. While Wu Longs are all floral one way or the other, Ju Duo Zai is more nutty and has a weighty mouth feel. It is considered a prized varietal.

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