Phoenix Spring Green Tea

Shunan has returned to the beautiful Huang Shan for Mao Feng.

Phoenix Spring, Huang Shan

Shunan loves Huang Shan for it’s natural beauty. Unforetunetly in recent years the tourism business has been supported by the local government more than the tea production. The tea production here is still strong and is producing lots of high quality tea.

Mao Feng has not been researched as much as other tea varieties, thus the cultivar has been left untouched. Unlike other teas like Long Jing or Bai Mu Dan that have new varieties, which while easier to grow does not taste as good, Mao Feng is still mostly its original variety.

Tea Drunk Owner Shunan Teng Picking Mao Feng 

If you remember from pervious videos Mao Feng is baked dry. This preserves the natural shape of the tea and gives it a softer taste than most green teas. The original way to bake the tea is in a basket over coal. There is a more recent method in which the leaves are placed in a tall oven, allowing for more tea to be baked at one time. 
 For More information on the tea production and for the beautiful Huang Shan scenery watch Shunan’s newest video.

Shunan has a great relationship with the family and loves to visit them. A city girl by birth, Shunan loves the country life. From baby chickens to wooden room warmers. Check out our second video to see daily life in the Huang Shan area.

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