The legend of true cliff

Early in the morning yesterday, I was sandwiched on a motorcycle and was on my way to the core of Wu Yi Mountain. True cliff teas are plucked much later than outside, we got a call in the morning from the monk of Hui Yuan temple that the first teas around the temple just sprouted the night before and he was up all night last night plucking and making tea. Half cliff tea's plucking started several days ago and the farmers are now busy making rough tea. It won't be till another month, that the rough tea making of both true cliff and half cliff teas will be ready and the roasting process starts.

Within the true cliff area, the most treasured places are the Three Dips and Two Water Valleys. On our way to Hui Yuan, where the legendary Tian Xi Monk lives, we visted Niu Lan Dip, Dao Shui Dip and the Flowing Aroma Water Valley.

Pictures to be posted when I get real internet connection!

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