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Tea Drunk is a purveyor of fine and rare hand-picked teas. Join our Tea Subscription today to start building a solid foundation to understanding tea.  


March Tea Club: Pu Er

Yufei Weng

For the Month of March, Tea Drunk brings you an introduction to Pu Er. Pu Er has recently gained a lot of popularity and attention and the Tea Market is flooded with different Pu Ers and a abundance of sometimes questionable information. Our January Tea Club will give you the knowledge you need to navigate through the complex Pu Er market and separate the good information from the bad. We have curated a mixture of writings, podcasts and videos that together paint the best picture of real Pu Er. 

This months's subscription includes

1.Five different Pu Ers, totaling 60 grams, including teas from the major Pu Er regions and both styles of Pu Er. 

2. An introduction to Pu Er: Two pages including a Pu Er 101 and a brief historical outline of Pu Er. 

3.Tasting Notes. We will provide you with our description of the teas to help you analyze the complex flavor of Pu Er.

4. Brewing instructions: Including directions for both Chinese style and Western style.

As an addition to our written information we will round out this month's subscription by providing a podcast episode in which Shunan discusses Pu Er with Talking Tea host Ken Cohen. We also compiled our best Pu Er sourcing videos into one spot so you can visually see where Pu Er is from and how it is made. By the time you have finished this month's subscription you will have gained a basic understanding of Pu Er and are hopefully able to view the saturated market with an informed critical eye.