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Divine Tea

Yufei Weng

I finally drank this precious red tea made by the monk of South Shaolin Temple!  It is a special red tea Fa Yu Shifu made using white tea buds.  Because this is an experimental batch, Shifu only had four brews left when I visited and I mugged him of all of it :p.  I drank one when I was in South Shaolin, and gave one each to two tea friends later on during the tea trip who I know would truly appreciate how special this tea is.

So, that left me with only one brew to bring back to the states!  I’ve been saving it for two friends and finally the day came.  Single-bud red tea made with a big-leaf variety (in this case, Fuding White Tea) got to be the best looking tea ever!  I got too excited that I forgot to take pictures before I drank it to show its beautiful “mosquito marks”.   Maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow after the tea dried out, hopefully it will give a glimpse of its stunning beauty.

So much tea hair off this single-bud tea, it clogged the filter!

My friends brought this German water, which has a very prominent mineral taste (I call it salty taste), is an excellent choice for sweet and gentle red tea.  And we had some Qi Lan and used Aqua Panna, which was also spot on as this sweet water totally smoothed out the strong aroma and “fire” of a cliff tea.