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A Tea Only a Master Can Make

Yufei Weng

Not all teas are treated equal. When a farmer picks a tea from a standard bush, he will treat it normally. If he picks a tea he knows is low quality he may be rough with the making, putting very little care into it. But when a farmer picks a tea from a bush that is a grade above the rest, he treats it with the full attention is deserves. It is with this care and devotion true dan congs are made.

Dan cong has become a generic term for any Phoenix Mountain oolong, but it use to be that this term referred to only a specific type of wu long; ones made from a single tree. As with pu ers, Phoenix oolong trees can grow to be quite sizable, big enough that it takes a ladder to pick them. When trees are this big and this old, whole batches of tea can be made from one tree. The age of the tree along with the single source of the leaves creates some of the highest quality tea.

When dealing with leaves of such high quality, special attention must be given to make sure the complex natural flavors are brought out. Much of the process is done by hand to put the tea maker in as much control as possible. When machines need to be used they are fresh, and have been saved only for that tea. This prevents any transfer of flavor from previous batches. The whole process can only be trusted to a tea master with years of experience. One small mistake at any point could ruin everything

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