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Tea Drunk is a destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge.

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Exclusive Guided Tasting for Audi Owners 

Just as Audi is committed to providing the high quality vehicles, Tea Drunk curates the best terroir-sourced teas available from the deepest mountains of China. Every bud, leaf and batch is handpicked and handcrafted. Now you can acquire some of the world's rarest and most unique teas, selected specially for Audi owners.

Educational Tea Tasting at Tea Drunk, New York

For each themed educational tasting, Audi owners will be guided through 3-5 different terroir-specific teas, and will learn about their history, crafting, and unique qualities. All teas are authentically brewed according to the region where the tea carries from. 

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Experience Tea Drunk's Exquisite Tea at Home

Audi Owners can also enjoy the world most prized tea curated by Tea Drunk at home. You will have hands-on experience in brewing tea by using a traditional Chinese tea set. Following step-by-step instructions for gong-fu style, Audi owners can develop a discerning palate for tea,while learning background information about each tea with our educational material.

Choose a Tasting Sampler and Brewing Kit to enjoy our exclusive tea at home


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