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Tea Drunk is a purveyor of fine and rare hand-picked teas. Join our Tea Subscription today to start building a solid foundation to understanding tea.  


Tea Apprentice at Tea Drunk


A professional teahouse in East Village is looking for apprentices who have a strong desire and determination to learn about traditional Chinese tea and become an expert in the field.


Tea Drunk in New York City is a destination for those who seek exceptional tea and tea knowledge. Every tea in our store is harvested during a 10 to 15 day period each year from historically renowned tea mountains. Every bud and leaf is meticulously handpicked and handcrafted by heritage farmers in the utmost traditional way. We produce the world’s most prized teas.


As an apprentice of Tea Drunk, you will learn to manage the teahouse by serving customers, introducing and recommending teas, brewing tea in a traditional gai wan, and answering any tea-related questions. Apprentices are also responsible for the everyday upkeep of the tea house, including cleaning dishes and, opening and closing the shop. You may also be asked to help update our website, fulfill mail orders, take inventory and write social media posts. Our apprenticeship is a great way to learn the inner workings of a small business and gain valuable on-the-job experience in marketing, customer service and, of course, tea culture.

You are expected to learn the fundamentals of Chinese tea, such as terroir, varietal and crafting styles. You are expected to attend classes and workshops as well as read all of our written materials about tea. Over time, our apprentices cultivate a highly discerning palate that translates into hyper-intuitive expertise backed by structured knowledge.

We are a small start-up with a big sense of duty to bring the highest of Chinese tea to the West, and cultivate awareness to preserve this disappearing art. We are looking for individuals who share our passion and want to grow with us. The right candidate should take pride in the work itself and find it rewarding to polish their tea expertise.



  • Two years or more of work experience in tea, wine, fine dining or start-up
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Ability to quickly prioritize and organize multiple tasks under pressure
  • Independent learner who takes initiative to improve professionally
  • Proactive go-getter who takes ownership of responsibilities
  • Team player who is able to cultivate rapport during every day work as well as stressful times
  • Friendly and enthusiastic about sharing tea with our guests and engaging them in learning about tea


  • Expertly introduce and brew tea for customers
  • Provide a friendly and professional tea experience for customers
  • Cleaning and upkeep of the tea house, teaware and dishes
  • Perform tea house opening and closing routines
  • Maintain inventory and take care of the teas
  • Update website and assist with event planning and marketing
  • Fulfill mail orders and reply to customer inquiries
  • Create social media posts when on duty
  • Uphold Tea Drunk’s high standards and maintain our brand image


Preference will be given to candidates with full-time availability. However, if you are right for the position we can explore part-time opportunities as well. Please send your resume and cover letter to hello@tea-drunk.com  if you are interested. Please do not call the teahouse directly.


When you come in for your interview, please be prepared to brew tea with a gai wan or to answer questions about tea or wine if these are prior skills you are bringing in.