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Tea Drunk is a purveyor of fine and rare hand-picked teas. Join our Tea Subscription today to start building a solid foundation to understanding tea.  

2019 New York Tea Bootcamp

Master the Craft of Tea Connoisseurship at our 2018 Tea Bootcamp here at Tea Drunk in New York city.

2019 Tea Bootcamp in NYC


The 2019 Chinese Tea Bootcamp is a week long intense training on tea that focuses on fundamental knowledge and cultivation of intuition here in New York City.

 Join us this Spring for our 2019 Tea Bootcamp here in New York City.

It’s the fastest way to master the craft of Chinese Tea.

Join our waitlist below with your name and email to be the first to enroll in our bootcamp this Spring.

Dates & Details

What: Join us for a week-long intensive tea training bootcamp for aspiring tea professions, and tea aficionados.

Where: At Tea Drunk in Manhattan, New York.

When: To Be Announced, ~ February.

Who: Hosted by Tea Drunk’s Shunan Teng.

Other Details: The 2019 Tea Bootcamp is meant as an intensive primer for our 2019 Chinese Tea Trip. You can learn more — and RSVP for the Tea Trip here.

About the 2019 Tea Bootcamp

Tea Drunk has leading expertise in tea, and we can’t wait to share our deep knowledge of tea with you.

Our goal is to cultivate a league of highly trained tea professionals with expertise on tea, from terroir, to varietal, and processing.  

We focus on the best of the best traditional teas as they represent the pinnacle of tea and sets standards for modern replicas. 

The amplitude and depth of this tea course is unparalleled. 

This course should also be considered a robust preparatory course for next year’s Chinese tea trip. 

Sign up for this course to gain a solid foundation in understanding tea. Later, join our Tea Trip to validate your knowledge with hands-on experience in tea country, and further your studies at top tea research institutes of China.

Class Structure

Every class is accompanied by tastings and each level is evaluated with both written and tasting tests.

We also highly encourage students to bring any teas that they want to be evaluated or are curious about.

We will have all questions answered.

The course is taking place in Manhattan, New York City. 

You will graduate with fellow students who are serious about tea.

What You’ll Learn at the Tea Intensive

This is course focuses on the highest tier of tea, so do expect to geek out on some of the most expensive and famous teas. 

We will only lightly touch on mass-produced teas which makes up more than 99% of the teas produced. 

However, keep in mind that modern tea industry learns from traditional teas.

  • If you know how to hand make tea with an initial cycle of 24-72 hours, you will know the principle of a tea making machine that yields final products in 4 hours.

  • We also put a great emphasis on cultivating an intuitive palate for tea. 

  • Book knowledge of tea and tasting skills should mirror each other. 

In other words, everything we do in the making of tea, from planting on, should all be reflected in the taste.  

Any minute difference we taste in tea should be tied to a specific element in the a tea’s life journey.

Each level finishes with both written and tasting test.

The Bootcamp Syllabus

Everything below and more will be covered at the 2019 Chinese Tea Bootcamp.

There will also be ample time for tasting, discussion, and answering questions.

The bootcamp is broken down in to four sections, where the following will be covered:

 Handful of Green Tea

Level 1 - The Framework to Understand Chinese Tea

Here we lay the first foundation of tea knowledge and gain basic tools to explore further. 

  • Overview of Tea

    • Six categories of tea

    • Brewing

    • History

    • Health benefits of tea

  • Tea Classification

    • Tea biochem related to tea categorization

    • Naming convention

  • Brewing Methods.

  • Overview of Terroir.

  • Overview of Varietal.

  • Overview of processing.

  • Basic tasting techniques.

… And more.

Level 2 - Getting Detailed with the 6 Categories of Chinese Tea.

From this level, we start to dive in deeper, but each topic still centers around brewing, terroir, varietal and tasting.

  • Overview of Green tea.

  • Overview of Yellow tea.

  • Overview of White tea.

  • Overview of Wu Long (Ooling Tea.)

  • Overview of Red tea.

  • Overview of Black tea.

Level 3 - Exploring Individual Teas.

At this level, we go in even deeper, focusing on one significant tea style at a time. After this level, you should be able to distinguish authentic and fake tea by sight and/or taste.  We’ll also touch on the history of each tea to provide background and perspective.

  • Long Jing

  • Mao Feng

  • Jun Shan Yin Zhen

  • Qi Hong

  • Yan Cha

  • Tie Guan Yin

  • Dan Cong

  • Sheng Pu

  • Shou Pu

… and nearly 20 other highly regarded teas!

Level 4 - Applying Your New Tea Knowledge.

At this point in the seminar you will have all the knowledge and tools to have an analytical mindset in understanding tea. We will circle back to pillar factors impacting a tea’s taste profile but now at a higher level. We’ll be nitpicking every tea’s flaws and put reasons behind our appreciation or criticism. We’ll discuss topics such as…

  • Tea and vessel and water.

  • Advanced tea brewing techniques.

  • Tea biochemistry.

  • Tea evaluation and processing – the different systems.

  • Tea and health.

  • Tea and pesticides.

  • Tea planting and cloning.

  • Tea and current market value.

  • Tea and Chinese history.

  • Tea and Chinese literature.

  • Tea and Chinese philosophy.

  • Current tea research.

  • Tea evaluation workshops.

… and more.

Fine Print

The course is taking place in Manhattan, New York City. 

Tuition does not include lodging or meals, although we will have group meals and fun activities.

Please come with writing materials and a note book.

The Tea Bootcamp may be taken as a stand alone course, but we encourage students to join us on our following Tea Trip to China to deepen their understanding of tea, and gain a first hand perspective on Chinese terroir. Details are here.

Pre-Book the 2019 Tea Bootcamp.

2019 Bootcamp Dates: TBD, Approximately Februrary.

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